a life update

🎉 I'm vaccinated!

Today I received my first dose of the Comirnaty (Pfizer) vaccine! The sheet, handed to me by the nurse, says that the vaccine contains the genetic code for the "spike protein". Apparently, my body integrates this genetic code and starts producing copies; this triggers an immune response where antibodies are produced. The whole concept (at least the way it was explained) sounds so totally cyberpunk - I've been monkey patched.


In other news, I have been enjoying the new Lorde album - Solar Power; in particular the song - mood ring. It's a tongue in cheek reflection on the modern, western wellness industry and I can't get enough of the hook.

I can't feel a thing. I keep looking at my mood ring. Tell me how I'm feeling.


In an effort to improve my writing, I have been reading "The Elements of Style" by William Strunk. The book is a set of grammatical and syntactic rules that inform the construction of simple and elegant writing. I'm thinking about how to internalise the rules. I've considered using spaced repetition systems (I'm partial to Anki) but I'm not sure memorising them is going to make me use them. I think that I'll probably just try to write more and proofread/edit my text based on his rules.


I'm building an add-on for Anki to allow markdown editing of a card which will be rendered as html.